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You must have read a lot of stories in your past. We all pass through a large number of stories in our lives but there are a very few which really motivate us and change our lifestyle and thinking. Here is one such story which has not only changed my mindset but also has transformed me into a person who is more positive towards life.
There was a farmer named Akbar in India who was very happy with his living. He was happy because he was content. One day a wise man came to him and told him about the glory of diamonds and the power they have in themselves. The wise man said,"If you have a diamond of the size your of thumb you could buy your own city." and then the wise man left. That night Akbar could not sleep. He was unhappy and discontented. Akbar wanted to go in search of diamonds. So, he made arrangements to sell his farm, then left his place and searched all over India but couldn't find any. He went to Africa but that too in vain. By, the time he reached Europe, he was emotionally, physically and financially depleted. He was so disheartened that he commited suicide.
One day, the person, who had bought Akbar's farm was watering the fields. When the steam fell on the ground, the rays of morning sun hit a stone and made it sparkle like a rainbow. He thought that the stone would look good in his living room. He picked up the stone and put it on his mantle piece. That day, the same wise man came and saw the stone sparkling. He asked"Is Akbar back?" The new owner said"No, why don you ask?" The wise man said," Becaue that is a diamond. I recognise when I see one." The new owner said," there are many more of them in the field." They went to the field and picked some samples and sent them for analysis. And really, the stones were diamonds. They found that the farm was indeed covered with Acres of Diamonds.
What moral now would you derive from the story:-
The first is that, we do not have to search for an opportunity. they are, in fact, scattered all around us. We just have got to recognse them. Second is that Greed always lets you down because the grass always looks greener on the other side. People who do not know how to recognise an opportunity, complain of noise when it strikes. the last moral is that an opportunity srikes only once.


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