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You tube is becoming a platform for terrorism

Recently US Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman, has asked Google to remove Internet video content produced by terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda.

These videos show assassinations, deaths of U.S. soldiers and civilians, weapons training, incendiary speeches by Al-Qaeda leadership, and other material intended to encourage violence against the West.

As these videos are branded with Al-Qaeda logos it should be easy for Google to remove them from the site.

According to the YouTube video policy videos that show gratuitous violence or people getting hurt, attacked, or humiliated are suppose to be banned and Lieberman has pointed it out.

“Islamist terrorist organizations use YouTube to disseminate their propaganda, enlist followers, and provide weapons training,” the Senator said in his letter. “YouTube also, unwittingly, permits Islamist terrorist groups to maintain an active, pervasive, and amplified voice, despite military setbacks or successful operations by the law enforcement and intelligence communities…


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