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Dirty Politics : Nuke deal is slipping away.

One year ago, UPA government and left parties were face to face. UPA wanted to have a move on the nuclear deal while the left wanted the government to throw the deal to dustbin. UPA was firm on finalizing the deal while the left was firm on drawing back the support. Later both the sides reached an agreement and the deal became a tool for the game called politics.

An year later, the two sides are again face to face with the same proposals and opposals. If the result this time again comes out to be the same as the last time then Congress is sure to win an election never in future. What is the point in leading the country when you can’t accomplish what is an urgent need for the country.

More than two years have been wasted. How much more do they require to waste. Situation has riped and it’s time for some tough decisions to make. India will present itself to the world as the foolest country if the deal retires unsigned. No other country in the world has come across such a golden opportunity. It’s sad to see that BJP which was a strong supporter of India’s nuclear program is also opposing this deal just for political benefits.

The biggest problem of today’s India is energy. India produces power (electricity) through coal, gas and oil. All of them are very costly in the present scenario. If we can find some cheap sources of energy, it would be a great thing for India’s future. Nuclear Energy is the best source of energy if we consider future India’s demands and the rising oil prices. Today the country has almost zero quantity of Uranium left. If we do not get Uranium soon, our nuclear power plants would cease increasing the energy problems in future.

According to US reports India has been a responsible nation. It has never taken an undue advantage of its Nuclear strengths. On viewing India’s past records as well the rising oil prices, USA decided to help India in Raising its power production through nuclear technology. If the deal is signed, then not only will India be counted as one of the biggest six nuclear nations, it will also provide us enough of nuclear fuel which would facilitate cheap production of electricity.

After China, India is the second biggest importer of oil. Billions of dollars are wasted in meeting the fuel demands of India. If we get Uranium from the outer countries, our dependability on petrol and diesel would minimize which would save a large part of our country’s wealth. Therefore all the politicians who are opposing the deal, they are not doing any good for the country. Public knows everything and they will have to pay for all this in future.


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