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India-US Nuclear Deal-Part 2

Hello friends, recently I have been consistently writing about India’s future. On 1st June, I wrote on India-US Nuclear deal. James Alexander who has his blog http://conversations-on-innovations.blogspot.com commented the following:

Further remarks (Two important specialists in Nuclear proliferation Prof J.Harris FRS -member Pugwash and Nobel Physics, George Charpak (who experienced the worst human nature-under the Nazi regime) call all concerned to beware of terrorist activity in the nuclear field. Harris finger points Iran. Charpak points out that any mislead individuals or groups may be "brainwashed into using nuclear weapons against the "Security Council Nations" who will be obliged to retaliate "Consequences being "Outlandishly! Unthinkable” Charpak recommends all nuclear arms including USA... be subjected to an independent overseer "World Body".

Cheers Vineet and pleasant dreams, good wishes to our friends in India & all non-proliferation advocates.

A good positive comment by Mr. James. But I was a bit confused whether he supports the Non Proliferation Treaty or current Indian cause because India is definitely not going to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty and the current India-US Nuclear doesn’t require India to do so. So, Mr. James if you visit my blog again, please oblige by answering this question.


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