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Repairing ozone hole may actually harm Earth's climate systems

For years, conventional wisdom has been that closing the hole in the ozone layer above the Antarctic would solve many of mankind's weather problems, besides protecting species from harmful ultraviolet radiation. However, a recent study has turned that wisdom on its head by claiming such a move may actually be detrimental to earth and its inhabitants by heating up the freezing continent and thereby accelerating global warming.

The study led by scientists from Columbia University, and published in renowned scientific journal Science on 13 June, found that if the ozone hole were to recover in the next 50 years as predicted it would affect the flow of winds called the westerlies around Antarctica. This change in the direction of the winds might play havoc with the existing models of climate in the Southern Hemisphere.

As the ozone hole heals, then we have more ozone, the ozone is coming back. And that will trap more heat, so it'll be a warming effect.

Michael B. Dycus, Ph.D said...

I learn something every time I visit here.

Keep it up!

Noob said...

This is an ibteresting topic but what I obseved is that, the writer has not explained it well. The title is obviously eye-catching but the writer should have dealt more scientifically.

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