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I may withstand my insult, but not my Country's

Today, I went to watch the movie "Singh is King" at Adlabs, Ansal Plaza, Ghaziabad. At Adlabs, before every movie, Indian anthem " Jana Gana Mana" is played. The still which appears before the start of the anthem requests everyone in the hall to stand up. I stood up as soon as the request arrived but I was surprised as well as saddened to see youngsters and even many elders having no respect for the country. Worthless to say, many people did not stand up and continued their gossip while the anthem was played. OK.

My question is not to them. My question is to the Adlabs Management, if u can't make people stand up when it's all important to do so, why do u play the anthem then? What do u want to prove? that u love your country, u respect your country very much or just to make a good impression in the public, u pull down the country's respect to quagmire. People who show disrespect to the anthem, show disrespect to the country & to themselves. They are the new class of people called the "Educated Illiterate".

Syam said...

This is really a great attempt. Its true that so many Indians do not show respect to our country when they should. This post shows the intensity of your feelings towards your country. Nice post. Keep up the good work. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for good stuff

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