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The current Pakistani Drama is not new

Despite the irrefutable evidence of the establishment of Ajmal Aamir kasab’s identity as a Pakistani, the Pakistani Ministry is still refusing the truthfulness of the evidences, even when their own media has established proofs of Kasab being a Pakistani. Is is really sad that a country which has a big Army and good resources, is not able to accept the truth and show courage to realize their responsibility. It is strange that most of the citizens are also eager to see a war. All those people who have closely seen the situation since 1947 must have realized that Pakistan has always got involved sheepishly in raising violence against India and whenever it is caught red-handed, puts the entire fault on “misguided elements”.

We met these misguided elements for the first time in 1947, barely two months after the birth of Pakistan, when infiltration of ‘Kabailis’ took place in J&K. Everyone knew Pakistan was behind it but they blamed the misguided elements. When India complained of the infiltration, Pakistan replied that they have nothing to do with the intruders. Similarly the war in 1965 was also instigated by the so called misguided elements. The war began in August that year when the Pakistani army made armed intruders to enter the Indian border. Pakistan was defeated badly in this war and the war ended only after UN Security Council presented its ceasefire proposals but even then Pakistan didn’t find it necessary to accept its responsibility.

Again, in 1999 Pakistani army did the same in Kargil but as always this time too it never had the courage to accept the truth. During the Kargil conflict, Pakistan constantly called it a work of the misguided elements but the question is : Why was then the whole Pakistani army involved in war with India? In order to prove its claim right, Pakistan even refused to take the body of the dead Pakistani soldiers. The same drama continued when on 13th December, 2001, Indian parliament was attacked by terrorists. Later the identity of the terrorists was established as Pakistanis. But again Pakistan refused to accept that the attack was carried out by Pakistanis. They even went on to say that the attack was sponsored by India itself.

In the current scenario, after the Mumbai attack on 26th November, 2008, Pakistan again repeated the same story. The only survivor among the terrorists, Ajmal Amir Kasab, brought out the entire plot of the attack to the Indian Police. His father too has accepted while talking to the Pakistani media that Kasab is his son. Moreover, earlier Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaj Sharif has also urged that kasab is a Pakistani and that the Pakistani government is trying to hide something from the public. Details of satellite phone and mobile phone used by terrorists are also available. When all these proofs were presented to Pakistan, they tried to put the responsibility on the same misguided elements. They are trying to prove that to the terrorist attack in Mumbai, neither Pakistan's army is related nor ISI. Its all the part of the same old drama that Pakistan has played ever since its birth.

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