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Ghajini : Aamir’s Eight Pack Abs

No pain, no gain. The saying couldn’t be more true for Aamir Khan and the team that painstakingly sculpted those eight-pack-abs.

It took Aamir 13 months of workout, with a daily regime of about four hours, to achieve the next to impossible look for ‘Ghajini’,” Satyajit ‘Satya’ Chaurasia, who trained the actor for the film .
He used to get tired exercising and sometimes even used to shriek in pain and cry doing the stomach crunches, but he did not skip a single day.

Getting eight-pack-abs was not a cakewalk for “perfectionist” Aamir. Other than rigorous workouts, the actor also had to go through the pain of “a disciplinary regime of following a proportionate balanced diet.”

Releasing Dec 25, “Ghajini” is the much-hyped Hindi remake of director A.R. Murugadoss’ Tamil hit with the same name. The film was simultaneously released in Telugu in 2005.


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