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Happy Hanukkah

“Oh Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah, come light the menorah…” These words, from a children’s version of this traditional Hanukkah song, remind everyone of this joyous holiday celebration.
Hanukka is a word in Hebrew meaning dedication. Hanukkah begins at sundown tonight (Sunday) and continues for eight days, until Dec. 29, according to the Jewish calendar. So, local Jewish families are preparing their menorahs and their family traditions to gather for a celebration dating back centuries.
Yet, it’s those personal traditions each family has today which complete the Hanukkah celebration, from menorahs with special meanings to sharing traditional dreidel games with grandchildren. Hanukkah is a holiday centered on family and traditions of Judaism, drawing together even the youngest generations to better understand their faith from ancient times.
“It’s a family celebration. There’s lots of cooking. We’re cooking matzo balls, latkes and turkey this year. There’s potato latkes, with applesauce or sour cream, followed by brisket and jelly doughnuts, which is a recipe from the grandkid’s school,” says Hanalie Trieber, an active member of the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island. She will be cooking up a delicious Hanukkah dinner with her husband, Elliott, for her family and grandchildren, who are flying in to celebrate.


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