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US warns India : More Mumbai Like attacks from Pakistan in future

India should expect more terror attacks like Mumbai from Pakistani terror camps with high body counts and symbolic targets (May be Indian VIP's), a study by a leading US think tank has warned.

"India will continue to face a serious Jihadi threat from Pakistan-based terrorist groups, and neither Indian nor U.S. policy is likely to reduce that threat in the near future," said Angel Rabasa, leading author of the study and a senior political scientist with RAND Corporation, a nonprofit US research organization.

"Other extremist groups in Pakistan likely will find inspiration in the Mumbai attacks, and we can expect more attacks with high body counts and symbolic targets."

The Mumbai terrorist attacks suggest the possibility of a rise of a strategic terrorist culture, the study said. The reason for this can be the failure of Indian Government in building pressure on Pakistan.

The RAND study identifies the operational and tactical features of the attack, evaluates the response of Indian security forces and political leaders, and analyzes the implications for India, Pakistan and the United States.


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