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I am really sorry for such a long delay. I know my readers must be waiting for a new and obviously a good post. Recently a reader made a comment on the post which I had written on insult of Indian Cricket Team in Australia. In his comment, the reader agreed with my views and requested me to write such posts more often. The reader was from Russia. I don’t exactly know how popular Cricket is, in Russia, but his comment I really acknowledge by heart. This post received many other comments in which few of the readers just abused the BCCI and India( They might be Australians), but in the end, all these happenings just inspired me to write more posts on cricket( which has today become the new Indian religion) on this blog. Although, earlier, it was my idea to keep this blog as a pure Astronomy blog. But now I strongly feel that, after all the aim of a blog is to interact with public, no matter what the topic is. I would also be happy to write about some other topics which might be of interest to the readers. All of this in my future posts. Till then, good bye.