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Windows XP is still better than Vista

Recently, an Apple Computer commercial confessed that he was taking the unlikely step of uninstalling his recent Windows Vista upgrade and returning to the former Windows XP system. While it is a clever scenario for an advertisement, it seems it was not at all too far from the truth. In the course of extensive tests, some independent computer researchers found that XP did much better than Vista in all of the tests they conducted.

Interestingly, these surprising results which came on comparing the performance of XP against the "latest and greatest" Windows Vista, were consistent regardless of which versions of the operating systems were used or the amount of RAM memory installed on the pc. The tests clearly showed that even when the Vista installation was upgraded to the most recent "Service Pack Beta One" package,which is the best Service Pack till date, Vista still consistently proved to be sluggish.

In order to run comprehensive tests, the researchers installed both patched and unpatched versions of the two systems, namely Windows XP and Vista. They were run on a Dell laptop with a dual-core processor and they used the Microsoft Office application with each version of these operating systems.

The test results showed the time it took for each of the system configurations to complete a number of given tasks in Office. These tasks included creating a complex document and creating a series of presentation slides. The times to complete these tasks under XP and under Vista were then carefully noted and compared against each other.

The results were not at all what the researchers were expecting to report. Not only were all of the tested functions faster with the XP operating system installed, but the testers were surprised to find that XP proved to be approximately twice as fast as the operations performed in Vista, in almost all of the tests.

This is a significant difference in speed and undoubtedly is a difference that will be noticeable to even casual pc users. For power users, such a drastic reduction in speed is not only frustrating but simply unacceptable. Because of this, many people who had "upgraded" to Vista have subsequently gone back and reinstalled XP on their machines.
On top of the bad news that came out of those speed comparisons of XP versus Vista, the other testing delivered some additional blows. The experiments with the two operating systems also clearly showed that Vista demonstrated a tendency to be "resource-hungry" and gobbled up virtually all of the extra RAM memory that might be added to a computer. When testers doubled the memory in the test machine from one gigabyte to two gigabytes, the result was a mearly 4% improvement in performance.

Even if there were not performance issues with Vista, at the moment, there may have been important new programs that have been produced to run only on Vista. With all these factors combined, people are not feeling compelled to spend the money and go through the hassle of leaving Windows XP.