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Can you change the letters of your Hard Disk Partitions

Well, yes of cource, you can do it. Here is simple process you need to follow.

Firstly go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –> Administrative Tools –> Computer Management.

In the Computer Management go to Disk Management.

Changing Drive Letters of Your Hard Drive

  1. Select the Drive and Right Click on it and Select “Change Drive Letter And Paths
  2. Click on “Change” and Select the Drive letter name and click ok, and you are done.

Changing Drive Letters of any Removable Disk

  1. Similarly as we did for Hard Drive, we do it for removable drives. We just need to click on right hand side panel where it is written CD-ROM / DVD-ROM.
  2. Follow the same procedure to change the Drive Letter.

Note : Drive Letter cannot be changed for your Booting drive.


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