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Nouveaux Cibles

Hi friends, lately I have got interested in learning French. I find it very interesting but a lot confusing too. I was inspired to learn this language when I became a big fan of French superstar Alizee. I have already written a post on Alizee. If you are interested, you can find it in the archives. I have come to know a few words used every now and then, in French. One is ‘mojo’, which is used for salutation. Then for yes, they use ‘vee’ etc. The Title of this Post Nouveaux Cibles is written in French which means New Targets in English. Many more words are there which I know in French. Mentioning all of them would take a lot of time. But still inspite of all this, I can’t understand even a small French conversation. And that is why I just want to give it a go (may be learning it officially).

Another news from my side is that I am planning to start a series of Astronomical logical questions and their undoubtedly logical answers supported by unimaginably logical facts.
The name of the series would be The Astro Logic Series.


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