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India stands third in the list of Top Ten popular countries for sourcing talent.

India is the third most popular country for sourcing foreign talent after China and the US, a survey by global recruiting firm Manpower Inc. released on Tuesday said.

The Survey conducted in 27 countries also showed that India received the highest remittances ($27 billion) from nationals working abroad.

"The demand for Indian skilled labour is the highest in the US followed by the Gulf. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for engineers in the oil and gas sector and aviation," said Manpower India managing director Naresh Malhan.

Others in demand are nurses, drivers and construction workers, he said. Of the nearly 2.2 millions of Indians working abroad, 53 percent have acquired tertiary education (i.e., they have a graduate or a higher degree). The survey also ranked India third in the list of the top 10 countries considered an economic threat to other nations.

"While it's true that we need to do more to keep our most talented workers at home, we must also consider how we can strengthen our collective employer 'brand' to attract talented workers from overseas," said Malhan.

Prakash Puskar said...

Awesome thinking moving around you.I hope you will do better.You are so right.Because An Indian is a immortal part of the world nothing else.This point is too good but not follow the poverty of india's people.Poverty is an bad evil for India.


Thanx, Prakash for visiting and for ur comment. I agree with u that poverty is a bad evil for INDIA but it is expected to drop in future at a fast rate. Let us be positive. Do visit again.

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