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Google target a new Google.

Google after working on the other Google products are finally thinking back of improving the original Google i.e. the Google Search. From a long time we didn’t see any major changes in Google Search as Google were busy with improving the Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, & other Google Products. Now they are back to the big giant i.e. Google Search.

From now on Google will be selecting a limited number of users and allowing them to test new features at Google Search. The selection process is totally random so you can’t do anything to get in but all you can do is just pray that you get lucky & Google selects you for testing new features.
These selected people when logged into their account will come across by these features. They will have an option of removing a result from the search results. This will omit that result from future search results.

Another one given by Google Blog is that they are now going to track on how people navigate between the different search products. This means if you are searching for some product, & then you decide to see its pictures or videos & open Google Image Search or Google Video Search, then Google will track your navigation clicks.

Also now Google will offer much better & improved Google News page to selected people. Google search results page will allow more filtration. Like if you search for a job, Google will ask you the location where you want to work & the field in which you want to work. Then Google will automatically adjust the search results according to your query.

These features will only be available to those people while they are logged in to their Google accounts. Lets hope that these tests gets converted to features & open up to all the Google traffic soon.


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