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Pen!!!!.....or a Camcorder

If you are fascinated by “Bond” movies and all the fancy gadgets shown in the movies, then you will surely appreciate the DVR Pen Camera recorder. It can record video as well as audio and it resembles a pen.

You never know when you may need to record video in stealth. In the house, you can hide cameras in a variety of things but they don’t offer portability. This is where this cool gadget comes handy. It looks like a pen but is a bit larger than the normal ones. It can record up to 30 hours video/audio (4 GB model) at a video resolution of 352 X 288. It can even behave as a USB drive and you can connect it to your PC for charging purpose. The battery has a bit of a drawback as it only provides a recording time of two hours. The recording can be done by just the click of a button. It can also behave as a normal pen with smooth writing and ink that can be changed with normal refills.

Videos can be transferred to the PC just by direct connection with no need of drivers and external power. The 2 GB model costs $199.95 and the 4 GB cost $249.95. A must have gadgets for self confessed detectives, reporters and even geeks. It may seem a bit expensive, but after all, all good things come with a price.

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