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Use Free Trials of Softwares as long as you want

Hope, you could use a 15 day trial of a software for an year or two or as many as you can use. Most of the software are provided with a free trial for a limited period. When this period is over, the trial expires and you can no longer use the software unless you buy it. It is not always easy to buy a software because it may be too costly. I too used a lot of trials. Few of them were so good that they became a kind of a need for me but they were so costly that I could not own them. If you can use it for free, that’s the best you would long for.

A week ago, I installed the trial of Coffee Cup website designer tools. The company provides a free trial for 7 days. The software proved to be very useful as I was designing a website. But the trial expired before I could finish my task. I did not want to install the Windows again this time because it had so many softwares installed. Many of them required long sessions of internet to get installed. All this seemed to be just too messy. It was then, I tried a trick. I just struck my mind. I changed my laptop’s date to a previous date (three days ago), and when I opened the software, it showed “2 Days left in Trial”, and it worked. Next time when the software expires, I’ll change the date again to a previous date. I tried this trick on three more software trials and it worked on all of them. I am sure it will work on all software trials because each software has it’s clock linked to the computer’s clock.

Michael said...

Great. It's so simple but I never thought of it. I used the trick on flv video converter free trial and it worked like heaven. Thanks for the tip. Wish you great blogging.


Thanks for ur visit. I am happy to see that it was of some use to you. Visit again for more updates and more of such tricks

ArpitNext said...

Hi !

1> Changing dates to past will create problems to one's day to day problem !

2> This is not a good idea to use softwares after trail-periods ! Programmers work hard and they deserve their Money !

3> There are alternative FREE softwares of each PAID and popular software , if you hate spending money on those paid softwares ..... just opt the alternatives !!!

Well , publishing such HACKs on blog is not healthy for your reputation ... delete this or atleast add a Disclaimer that you don't endorse such things !!

Regards !

RemBeatZ said...

That is so cool, I never thought of trying that, I'll have to give it a go next time I downloaded some trial software, thanks for the excellent tip ;)

Tricia said...

Its great. Really great tip. I will try it soon.

La Dolce said...

It is a good tip but I do agree with arpitnext too.

The Freelance Guru said...

Bad idea. Your computer is essential for things like saving files, if you keep changing the date back files could get overwritten that by older files etc. Just find the free versions. Much Easier.

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