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Vista still in progress, Windows 7 ahead

Microsoft Windows is undoubtedly the most used and talked about piece of software in the world, and it has been like that for years. As the generations of Windows come and go, and the users’ frustrations multiply; it’s no wonder even Bill Gates said: “What an absolute mess”. He said that when Vista was found under hammers by the public.

That could apply for more than just one version of Windows, many users might say, considering that Windows Vista was an utter mess when it came to replacing the far-from-perfect but million-times-better Windows XP.

Yes, many chose to give it a try, others got it with their new computers, and so the operating system has managed to sell 140 millions copies. However, that number doesn’t reflect the general opinion about it.

Even Ballmer called Vista “a work in progress,” which sounded rather strange considering it was one year after launching it. “Vista is bigger than XP. It’s going to stay bigger than XP;” that of course is still something we’re waiting for.

All in all, Windows XP has reached the end of the road, despite the fact that it still remains the most popular among consumers.

However, Microsoft thinks ahead, and XP has stopped being a priority, now that Vista is here to save the day… and Windows 7 is in the making.

As of this week, the Windows XP operating system is no longer available to computer makers or software retailers. Until 2010, Microsoft will continue to support XP for low-cost PCs and laptops.

Things won’t stop here in terms of XP support however, as Microsoft decided to extend it until 2014. That could be explained through many users’ refusal to switch to Vista, which has been highly criticized for its compatibility failures and crashes.

All we can do now is wait for the next generation of Windows meant to replace Vista, to come out and make us forget all about the unpleasant past experiences.

Isles Tech said...

"Vista" remains new for so many of us, -----and there is new WINDOWS on the way. Let's hope it does not prove another blunder by MS...


Yes Isles, Windows 7 is in progress and will be launched soon. And now as Bill Gates has also left Microsoft, lets see what reviews does this new version of Windows get.

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