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Why Gates likes India

For Bill Gates, India is a must-visit place. In his words, "a place that is valuable to me for both business and personal reasons".

Besides being an important market for the software giant, Gates is besotted by the immense talent in India. India is also an ideal base for his magnanimous philanthropic activities.
Microsoft India is the fastest growing subsidiary for Microsoft and Gates sees huge potential in India.

"In countries like India, where you have so much talent and potential for future breakthroughs, economic growth will be driven by jobs and revenue from companies that are building businesses around commercial software. Microsoft's role is to make sure that our partners have the best tools and knowledge to make this happen," Gates said during his 2005 visit.

Gautam said...

All these articles give Indians like who desperately want to see India competing in the World. But again things are not that good as young writers like you tend to present. I would refer you to read an article today in Dainik Jagran Hindi Newspaper. You can go to jagran.com to view it. It is about India not taken seriously in outer world's media. I think it is on page 8.


Thanx Gautam for ur visit. Yes I read that article. One thing that I observed was that the column has been written by a not so experienced writer. Secondly, yes it is true that India is not taken seriously by the outer world's media. Some time back, I was hugely interested in reading what the outer world thinks about India. I came across many articles. One was here http://www.rediff.com/news/2006/feb/18franc.htm
It is a good article in which a French writer tries to show how important India is for the World. But when u see the comments there b your Indian friends, It makes the situation quiete clear. Read that article. I am agreeing with ur comment in end that India is still having a dull impression in the advanced countries.

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