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US will have to compete with India

Surprised? I was too, when I read it. Its something to be happy but is it something that should surprise us? I think not. Richard Koman at zdnet.com describes the Large Hadron Collider Experiment as not just a huge victory for particle physics but also a victory for Europe. He says that in 1930's brain drain started from Europe to US and it continued till 1980's. But today? There’s no doubt that Europe – especially CERN — is the center of the science world. The Europeans took the lead in building the LHC, kicking in $6 billion. The US contribution? Just over $500 million.

He further asks - What will the US role be for the next major project, the International Linear Collider? The US is supposedly interested but it will have to compete with newly rich nations like China and India that boast serious scientific minds of their own. Beijing just hosted an exploratory meeting on hosting the ILC.

He expects India to be a rich and powerful nation of tomorrow which will give severe competion to US. And he is not the only one to think so.


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