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Pakistan is really scared, knows what cost it has to pay

The Pakistan Air Force has increased its vigilance flights creating panic and sparking war rumours, as Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar Chaudhry on Monday warned that the country had the potential and right to defend itself if forced to war.

"If India tries to thrust war, then the armed forces of Pakistan have all the potential and right to defend (the country)," Chaudhry told reporters, as he said the defence of Pakistan was in strong hands.

He said Congress president Sonia Gandhi's statement relating to war with Pakistan was nothing but an election stunt.

Mobile phone messages that have now become major source of information in Pakistan started circulating that PAF jets were flying to counter Indian attacks. However, television channels quoting officials were quick to dispel the rumours.

"In the current environment, the PAF has enhanced its vigilance," PAF spokesman Air Commador Humaun Viqar was quoted as saying. Other channels also quoted different officials that Pakistan forces were on alert but dispelled rumours of any attack.

But one thing is sure, Pakistan will pay the price this time. Enough of Games, we have seen. We are bored of it now. Hopefully we will see Pakistan dance on India’s orders.

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Haris said...

Don't be childish dear. You don't know Pakistanis yet. If you think you can easily attack Pakistan and get the results you want, you are absolutely wrong and childish in your thinking. We will defend our country and ideology till the last drop of our blood. If you think you have superior military power, don't let your self in any kind of doubt. If India attacks Pakistan, 16 crore people of Pakistan will fight as one unit to defeat India and tech them a lesson of there own aggression. you don't have a slightest idea about Pakistanis. Just beware, if something goes wrong for us, "Hum to dooben ge sanam tumhen bhi le dooben ge".. So be careful on what you think and want to get.

geek_boy said...

[i]But one thing is sure, Pakistan will pay the price this time. Enough of Games, we have seen. We are bored of it now. Hopefully we will see Pakistan dance on India’s orders. [/i]

I don't know what to comment on this part, because the rest of the story you posted is true, or a part of it, as I have heard that Pakistan has said this time and before that any act of stupidity from India, and Pakistan will reply strongly.

All I can say on this part is that you have already declared yourself an Indian Dreamer, and ofcourse you aren't the only one (says in the caption), since most of the Indians want the territory back which we got in 1947, and are still ruling it.

So my friend, keep dreaming, don't worry at all, that day will come soon in the next thousand years or so when your dream will be true... I won't say anything further that would disturb you from your sleep..

Sweet Dreams!


@ Haris : "Hum to dooben ge sanam tumhen bhi le dooben ge" : This is what Pakistan has been thinking and what it has longed for ever since it was formed. Pakistan is jealous and can't see progress and happiness. Probably, this is the reason for the current state of Pakistan - a declared failure. India does not want war. Our target is only to eliminate the use of Pakistani soil in feeding the terrorist camps. Pakistan is also suffering from the evil effects of terrorism but still it doesn't want to halt all this, i don't know why. May be because "Hum to dooben ge sanam tumhen bhi le dooben ge"


@ geek_boy : I am sorry if you were hurt by that line. It can hurt any patriotic citizen of any country but Pakistan's treacherous drama in the current scenario forced me to write that line. I am sorry again.

Kuldeep Chauhan said...

Its not a war between two countries, its a war against terrorism. I am surprised to see the thinking of the Pakistani people. They need to be taught a lesson

geek_boy said...

Its OK if you're sorry, but don't you think that we sould avoid blaming each other like this?

When I see such type of opinions and thoughts from Indians, that really makes me sad, because all this stuff leads directly to a BIG destruction, for Pakistan AND India. Pakistani people in general don't have this type of hatred, as I see in Indians who are online. If God-forbid the war happens, then it would be a Collateral damage. The superpower of the world attacked a very weak country like Iraq and has been suffering for years, so what do the Indians expect when they'll attack Pakistan?

As far as Mumbai blasts are concerned, your feelings over this event and reaction towards Pakistan is completely justified, but this is all due to the misconception that Pakistan was involved behind all this stuff. I can tell you the whole story here but that would take a lot of time, so here's a link, watch it and share it with others.


and also, please don't follow the lead of your country's media, or you'll always end up blaming Pakistan for whatever bad happens out there. If you're a true patriotic Indian, then research for yourself, until you find out that enemy resides in your own territory.

Peace out bro!


I think you took it the other way. i was sorry only because I am very patriotic and it seemed that your patriotism was hurt but it doesn't mean that I took my words back. You seem to belong to the same class of Pakistani people who are happy with their own ideology whether its right or wrong. i know you are a youth like me and would not like to involve in lot of politics but you should know what Pakistan has done since 1947. How treacherous it has been all through since then. Read my post: The Current Pakistani Drama is not new, and then say what you have to say.

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