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We will reply strongly : Pakistan warns India

Another nail in coffin, Pakistan warns India that any surgical operation on their soil would be dealt strongly. "The armed forces are fully prepared to meet any eventuality,as his men are ready to sacrifice for their country," Pakistani Chief of Army Staff Ashfaq Parvez Kayani told Mr Zardari.

The warning from General Kayani came as India chided the US and Britain for failing to punish Islamabad for last month's attacks in Mumbai and said the lack of action would force New Delhi to "deal with this problem".

While renewing the call for Pakistan to crack down on Islamic militants, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last night sought to lower tensions, saying "nobody wants war".

"The issue is not war. The issue is terror and Pakistani soil being used to promote and abet terrorism," Dr Singh said.

Reports said Mr Zardari believed India's threatening statements were creating an atmosphere of aggression and harming the regional environment.

"We are keeping a close watch on all the latest developments and threatening tones of Indian leadership," he said.

Mr Zardari expressed satisfaction at the readiness of Pakistan's army and said all necessary resources would be provided to the armed forces.

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