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Alizee's Concert in India

News has arrived that Alizee will participate in Les Enfoirés 2009, which will be at the Palais Omnisports in Paris-Bercy... sometime between January 21st and 26th of 2009. This years theme will be cinema and the first single with Alizée as a participant is already recorded! Alizee has been participating in Les Enfoirés since 2001. But this concert will take place in Paris. Another concert has been scheduled in March this year at Grand Rex Theater in Paris. So french fans have enough chances to enjoy an Alizee concert. What about an Alizee Concert in India? We have got a large no. of fans here too. Orkut's Alizee fans community has nearly 15000 members. When will she look at this healthy fan base. India stands fifth in searching alizee content on web (based on google report). And it is much ahead of China, Russia & Japan. But still she has been to Japan & Russia and not to India.

But we can have some relief with a news that says she has got a plan to hold a concert in Asia in 2009. When and where it will be, this is not sure.

I have a question - Can a fan club of her organize her concert? I know that would require a huge amount of finance and also such a thing has never happened in past. But is it possible - based on the strength of the Fan Club?

Alizee India - Alizee's Indian Fan Club

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