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Gilani, Durrani, Kiyani, Biryani & The Butcher!

Pakistani Ministers have really got very similar names. It sometimes becomes very difficult to interpret who is Gilani & Who is Durrani. If you hear these names continuosly pronounced in a conversation, you are sure to get your mind boggled. I found a very interesting article on a blog 'India Retold' where the writer very nicely interprets his own way of interpreting these names. Here is a small excerpt from the post:

Had it not been in the backdrop of the terror attack on Mumbai on November 26, 2008, what is happening in Pakistan now would be easily have been termed hilarious. In any case, it has certainly upset bananas as their fair name is being tarnished in describing the state that calls itself 'Pure' (Pak). Ajmal the Butcher (Kasab means butcher), the lone terrorist to have been fortuitously captured alive by the Indians, has created.......Continue reading on India Retold


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