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India helps NASA in Moon Mission

American space agency NASA, partnered India in its first lunar mission 'Chandrayaan' in 2008 and this partership is now contributing to the agency's increased understanding of the lunar environment.

NASA partnered with India to carry two instruments aboard the country's first lunar explorer, Chandrayaan-1, which was successfully launched by the ISRO on October 22 and entered the lunar orbit on November 8.

In the 'Moon Mineralogy Mapper', NASA planted aboard the Indian mission an instrument that surveys mineral resources of the moon, while the 'Miniature Synthetic Aperture Radar' is mapping the moon's polar regions and looking for ice deposits in the permanently shadowed craters.

Data from the two instruments is contributing to NASA's increased understanding of the lunar environment as the agency implements the nation's space exploration policy, which opens robotic and human missions to the moon in future.


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