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Its Time for another Pakistani Attack

Intelligence agencies have warned that after the attacks in Mumbai, Pakistani anti-India elements are now planning to attack the Cyber network of India. Its not a long ago, when we had heard of Chinese hackers hacking the Indian government computer networks, now its Pakistan's turn.

Pakistani hackers have built highly attractive websites which draw the attention of Indian netizens. One of such websites is www.songs.pk which provides free but illegal download of latest Bollywood songs. It is among the most popular websites in India to download free songs. This website is equipped with softwares, which can help target the Indian computers. According to the cyber experts, more than 12 million Indians use this website daily and hackers can easily control all the computers which visit this website. This shows that an attack of such kind can be highly widespread. At the biggest threat are the Indian government websites.

Heike said...

You might be interested to know that a person from Pakistan has reached out to Chinese hackers for help. He requested the Chinese hackers to attack Indian websites.


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