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They Reject, We Wait, better assassinate Indians

Finally India has handed over all the evidences to Pakistan in the context of the attack in Mumbai, but it is doubtful that after this batch of irrefutable evidences, Pakistan will abandon its state of refusal. It is possible that they will issue a statement to which India will begin to realize that they are coming under pressure and are willing to take action against their official or non-official elements. but will they really be honest in dismantling the anti-India terrorist structure on their soil? Pakistan's civilian government may be having some compulsions, as many scholars are telling us, but just look at their intentions. The country which has decided to reject all the evidences and is continuously inventing new excuses, if under international pressure or due to any other reason, they agree to take action against the culprits, it would be more like a cunning move to throw dust into the eyes of the world community.

Unfortunately, it is more probable that India will again get trapped in such a move because the current Indian leadership just wants Pakistan to accept that Ajmal Kasab is a citizen of their country. Its almost certain that as soon as such a statement is released from Pakistan, our leaders will start praising themselves. No wonder if it is assumed that Pakistan have realised their mistake and in future, no terrorist attacks will take place in India. India is not only waiting to see US, Britain, China etc. to become active but also to see Pakistan being guilty. Guilt may arrive to them who do the wrong without thinking. Pakistan is engaged, with full devotion, to terrorize, humiliate and destabilize India. How can they be be guilty when they are working on a concrete plan? Perhaps Pakistan has understood that due to their threatening statements of a nuclear war, India will never gain courage to attack them. It's an illusion of India that the countries like US, Britain and China will come forward to help it because no one helps those who can't help themselves.


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