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Americans, British : Dare not to visit India

Terrorists in Mumbai, trauma all around. The main target of the terrorists being Foreigners, they should dare not to visit India again. India, the country which is known for following “Atithi Devo Bhav” (“Guests are like God”) has got a tight slap from the terrorists. The country which is known to treat guests as God, is now ‘not safe for guests’. Thanks to the few terrorists who applied all their heroics in Mumbai. And biggest thanks to our leaders who accept that they already knew, terrorists will attack Mumbai. They also knew, Hotel Taj will be their target. What they did not know was the time of the attack and that is why it could not be eliminated. Terrorists should inform the Indian Ministry before attacking so that they can be stopped.

Its not the fault of our leaders. Its our fault that we have elected such fools to rule over us. Expecting intelligence from Monkeys? You are another Monkey.

The good out of the Mumbai Attack is that it has shown to all the Indians that India’s progress, its future all is just like a fully tensed balloon.

I was surprised when English team returned to England leaving the tour behind. But very soon I realized I shouldn’t have been surprised. It had to happen. India is no different than Pakistan. 2011 World Cup is to be organized in the Indian Subcontinent. Now hopefully it will take place some where else. And there is nothing wrong in that. We may give security to the players but what about the security of all the Foreign visitors who will come to watch the matches. How will they believe us? They have seen the trailer recently.

A few days back, I was happy knowing the fact that India is the country of future. Today I am happy knowing the truth.

By – A disappointed youth of India


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